Sat, 13 August 2022
Green Curry
All NAMJAI™ natural selection products are made from the finest natural ingredients and free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Do you operate a mail order service?
  • Where can I find a list of stockists?
  • How natural are your products?
  • Who uses your products?
  • What is Palm Sugar?
  • When is Mungsawirut?

  • Do you operate a mail order service?
    No, but we hope to set up a mail order service for those living in remote areas soon.

    Where can I find a list of stockists?
    For details of NAMJAI™ stockists, just click on the link. We are aware there are many more companies stocking our products and at present we are updating this list. If your local stockist's details are not on our list please email us at

    How natural are your products?
    Unlike other brands, our products are all natural. For example our hot Chilli Ketchup's thickness naturally comes from the chilli and only the chilli. No gum, no thickener, no artificial anything.

    Who uses your products?
    As well as most Thai and Oriental chefs, our products are used by some of the leading restaurants and hotels in London as well as major food manufacturers around the country, and airline caterers.

    We export from Bangkok Thailand to just about everywhere around the world. You'll find NAMJAI™ natural selection in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, Far East, SE Asia and Australia.

    What is Palm Sugar?
    Palm Sugar is made from the sap of the Pamyrah palm flower. The liquid sap is heated and reduced until dark brown and then allowed to cool before undergoing heating again. This produces a thick syrup full of concentrated sweetness and caramel flavour. Palm sugar is used throughout SE Asian cooking in place of sugar. You'll find our Palm Sugar in the best kitchens.

    When is Mungsawirut?
    Mungsawirut is a vegetarian season held in Thailand in late autumn. For 9 to 10 days, Buddhists avoid all meat and seafood as a way of cleansing and purifying the body and soul.

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